Engagement photos in Connecticut


Driving down the road, passing horses and cute farms, I would have never guessed that at the end of a dead end road would be the prettiest trail. Tom & Emily picked this spot for their engagement photos in Connecticut as it’s a trail they visit quite often.

Tom & Emily love the outdoors and hiking so when we were thinking of a place to do their engagement photos, a local trail that they frequent was the perfect place.

Side note: I always recommend doing your engagement photos at a place of significance. Maybe it was where you met, had your first dates, got engaged or love to visit. I believe it creates more beautiful photos.

One of the things I loved about them picking this place is it is also somewhere they walk with their dog (who will be part of weddings photos!)

When we first got there, I had on sandals and then realized that we would be doing more than walking a trail and a bit more of hiking so thankfully I brought my sneakers (always be prepared!)

Would you get your engagement photos in Connecticut? If so where?!

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