First Looks and why you should do it!


Over the years first looks have become very popular but why?

So what is a first look?

The first look is when the soon-to-be married couple see each other for the first time on their wedding day before the ceremony.

When I got married 5 years ago, I wish I had known more about the first look. We weren’t able to capture all of the photos we wanted and 5 years later, I am still bummed out. I believe if we had done a first look, we would have been able to get all of our must-have photos!

Ok, so you know what the first look is. Let’s talk about why you should do it!

1. Private moment with your significant other.

You’ll realize at the end of your wedding day, that you’ve barely had any time with your spouse. Yes, you’ll be with them during the ceremony, photos and reception but there is so much going on during that time that you won’t have had a moment to yourselves. The first look creates that moment.

2. You can get the majority of your photos taken before the ceremony.

I believe that this is one of the biggest perks to having the first look. As I mentioned before, I believe if my husband and I had done a first look for our wedding, we would have all the images we wanted.

Cocktail hours usually aren’t long enough for family, wedding party and the new married couple to all have the photos done. You may not be able to mingle with your guests during cocktail hour.

Ask any photographer, we hate to feel like we don’t have enough time for your must-have photos!

3. Calms the nerves.

I don’t think it matters who, you’re going to have some nerves on your wedding day, I know I did! Seeing your soon-to-be husband or wife beforehand can make the nerves disappear. All of my couples have felt less nervous after!

Sounds great, right?!

You’re probably wondering what the downside to the first look is, and although there are things to consider, I still think the first look is a must! But let’s talk a little about what to consider.

1. You’ll need to get ready earlier.

Ideally, you’ll want the first look to take place 1.5-2 hours before the ceremony. This means you’ll need to get ready earlier. Depending on your ceremony start time, this tricky.

During your wedding consultation, let’s chat about this to see how we can fit the first look in your timeline (if that’s what you want!)

2. Possible challenges with lighting.

The best time for lighting is about an hour after sunrise and before sunset. Most people aren’t getting married at 7/8PM at night so most first looks are happening around 1/2PM. The lighting isn’t the best, but that shouldn’t stop you!