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how far in advance should we book you?

As soon as possible! Right now I am taking on a limited number of weddings because I am also a full-time stay at home mom.

Weddings for 2023 is fully booked.

Limited dates for 2024 weddings. 2025 is open!

For weddings you can expect about 75-100 images per hour.

Lifestyle sessions can range between 15-50 depending on the length. 

Yes, I do! I can provide a copy of my certificate to your venue per request. 

Weddings 6-8 weeks and lifestyle 3-4 weeks. Don't be surprised if you get them sooner! 

how many images will i recivie? 

do you have insurance?

when will i get my photos?

how would you describe your style?

If I had to describe my style, it would be photojournalism. I want to capture your true emotions and you and your loved ones as you are! I don't love overly posed images (looking straight at the camera) it doesn't feel like it tells your story.

For editing, I keep it as natural. I focus on making your color pop but not changing them. If you picked blue dresses for your bridesmaid, I want the color to pop not turn into light blue! 

Weddings within 1 hour 45 from my home base will not have a travel fee. Depending on distance beyond that travel fee will vary. 

The same for lifestyle shoots only difference is within 1 hour. 

Do you charge for travel?