Wedding detail shots!


Wedding detail shots are so important, but why?

You’ve spent so much time planning your wedding.

The date, venue, vendors…and all the little details. You may realize at the end of the night, you didn’t get a chance to look at all those datils come together (centerpieces, gift table etc.)

I love spending time getting the detail shots. I love seeing what you picked out and your vision come to life.

Every detail is part of your story, everything down to the invitations you picked out.

Maybe the flowers in your bouquet were your grandmothers favorite, the color scheme are both your favorite colors, or your table cards represent places you’ve traveled. Maybe your jewelry has been passed down through generations and your rings represent your journey together.

It’s so important to me to capture your wedding detail shots, so you can have them as part of your final gallery!

Make sure when working with your wedding photographer that they have put time in the timeline to get the detail shots.

It’s important that there is time during the wedding day for your photographer to get those shots, especially of the reception space before guests come in and take their seat!

What are some of your favorite details you picked for your wedding day? Did you focus more on the flowers, centerpieces, signs? Tell me what you loved the most about your details!

Venue: Stony Creek Brewery