Surprise proposal in Chatham!


Have you thought about doing a Surprise proposal? If so, this post is for you!

There is something so magical about playing a part in a moment that will change your life forever.

Conor first reached out to me in the spring about wanting to propose to his girlfriend while on vacation down the Cape, their first time ever being there.

Since neither of them had ever been to the Cape, he wasn’t sure where the best location was, all he knew was that he had booked dinner for 7:30PM at the Chatham Bars Inn.

I was excited to help find the perfect spot so that it didn’t make it too obvious that he was going to propose that day.

We worked together for months planning at the most perfect proposal and it was just that…perfect.

The Proposal

My initial plan was to be on the beach already “photographing someone” aka my sister but when that fell through, I quickly changed plans.

If you’ve been to the Cape or any beach during the summer, you know that it isn’t out of the ordinary for someone to be sitting on their beach towel reading in the evening. So that’s what I did! I gave Conor the color of my beach towel (bright green), had my book out and camera hidden so I would be ready to capture the proposal!

Madison had no idea that I was there! It was perfect.

After the proposal and now standing feet from them with my camera, she realized that the whole thing had been caught on camera.

We spent the next hour capturing their engagement – running through the sand, laughing and ended with champagne pop…so much fun!

Conor & Madison, thank you so much for trusting me with capturing your surprise proposal. I had so much fun with you both!

If you are thinking about doing a surprise propsal, let’s chat!